No Cabins except in Classic Zombies


There is a distinct lack of cabins anywhere in normal mode, and I used the Debug menu to reveal the entire map. Not a single cabin.

Compare to when I have Classic Zombies on. I can see at least one cabin in almost every major patch of forest.

This seems to have been happenin’ since 0.4, too, since I remember not finding any then, either.

I have found cabins before in normal (non-classic) mode. My guess would be that the number of new buildings present only in normal mode edge out cabins, making them less likely to appear, and therefore when they are removed cabins fill all of the spots that would previously be filled with other buildings.

There are some differences between classic zombie mode and normal mode, other than just the zombie spawns. One of this differences is that some mapgen features are set to a specific mode. This seems like one of them.

So… probably working as intended, although it would be worth re-evaluating a lot of mapgen features for suitability in classic zombie mode (or normal mode, for that matter).

Oh, hey, i2amroy ninjaed me. So… maybe not, actually.

A note though, my last cabin was before a few of the newer buildings were added, so I guess it’s possible that an enum somewhere was broken and is preventing cabins from spawning.

Edit: A Quick look at the code leads me to believe that my previous assumption is the case. Since there are more new buildings to fill the woods with in normal mode, the chance of cabins being spawned is greatly increased as they are the only classic enabled forest building, so whenever it desires to spawn one the only option in classic mode is cabins, where in normal mode it competes with hives, temple stairs, spider pits, and triffid groves for placement.

Actually, on a huge area I explored there is only one.
And I really explored, did moto-circuits for fun and so.

[quote=“vultures, post:5, topic:1308”]Actually, on a huge area I explored there is only one.
And I really explored, did moto-circuits for fun and so.[/quote]
Are you talking classic mode or normal mode? Is this a statement that cabins are still rare in classic mode as well as normal mode, or is it a statement that cabins still occur in normal mode?

I will comply with the cat. :slight_smile:
A vast area I’ve explored has rivers and banks abound (0.5), large and medium cokes (I mean towns, 0.4) every few miles but actually fewer forests. It was like going south from the Lakes, seriously.
And if there was a reason to start multiple games, it was in 0.4. Get my drift?
I really had to dig in, this is the only outpost in the woods I’ve found. I could eat berries and join the mushroom people, but I hate drugs and fluffy sluts. :stuck_out_tongue:

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