Newbie in da HOUSE!

So anyways I just found this game on youtube becuase a guy was playing it.
Anyways I have found its REALLY fun.
I showed it to my freinds and they seem to like it to lol.
But anyways Id like some tips a newbie like me might not know or just a convo :stuck_out_tongue: Read this…ALL of this.

also do some forum sleuthing, bunches of tips spread around here. Wiki helps as well.

Ive been diggin thru that lol and yea the wiki is really helpful :smiley: lol

one tip I can give that allowed me to get above the learning curve> THROWING

seriously, pick up the rocks nearby and just start throwing them at rabbits and druids. make some wooden spears and you’re set early-mid game until you find a hulk or wolfspider.

once you’re comfortable in your ability to kill things you can start exploring the town and looting.

my priorities are Backpack>pan/pot>jugs>anything else.

I am going to try to give trowing some practice and make sevral javlins to throw as well…
atm Im trying to take over a city.
Im doing it one zombie and house at a time

In other words im taking my time lol.
I have about 7 of the probly 35 total buildings taken (6 houses 1 pharmacy).
its going well, i like taking my time.

Speaking of pharmacys I got more narcotics from there than Mexican drug cartel xDD

Biggest pointer I’d give is “don’t take damage”. Once you’re hurt, you suffer the “pain” affliction and your speed falls. That snowballs very easily and has killed me frequently, even knowing about it and carrying stimulants to control speed loss. Stay aware of the encumbrance penalties your gear is causing and don’t engage fungal enemies without a gas mask.

Not an immediate survival activity, but very important! If you resort to tailoring, or want to improve the skill:


When your skill is very low or untrained, you risk damaging clothes further. Your hands will shred things faster than a slayer guitar solo. What you want to do is apply your sewing kit (or other means of needle-and-threading) to non-damaged clothing. You will receive the notification “You practice your sewing.” instead of confirmation of a repair success or failure.

If you’re patient enough and can get the xp. throwing can be a primary damage skill. Only way I’ve made progress in the game, doing like 3x damage of the only ammunition-able gun I’ve found, hits more often than anything, kills bears or hulks within 4 javelins, and a lot less risky than melee.

thanks for telling me abot the gas mask :smiley: ive been killed by thouse fungel basturds twice already >_<

And I thanks for the sewing tip I was going to read books to learn how sew becuase Ive already found out how easy it is to rip your clothes trying to sew them if you dont have expirience.

a filter mask works as well I think against fungal zombies. and those dressers full of sweaters aren’t so worthless now are they? once you’re done reinforcing them all, cut em all up and make some new clothes, rinse and repeat! easy tailoring!

Haha, I’ll keep that in mind too, disassembling and re-sewing. I have such awful luck with the local wildlife that I’m getting pretty good tailoring practice just from having my trousers repeatedly bitten off. How embarrassing.

yea i also want to bring up my sewing skill becuase I heard you can make clothes fit better and have less encumberence…

does this apply to backpacks or military rucksacks? :o

Sadly no. For ballance reasons they are not made of cloth/wool and can thus not be fitted (or repaired to my knowledge)

You can only fit clothing… oh, if only…

Even among the things you CAN improve with sewing, a fair few of them go directly to “reinforced” without improving the fit. There’s definitely value to be found in the tailoring skill, but it can be somewhat disappointing, again for balance reasons.

Also, don’t try to get in or out of a vehicle when it’s moving.

hey btw do any of you guys know if you just throw movloto cocktails and the explode or what?

Same with the pipe bombs do you throw them, or do you activate them, or what?

No. You’re gonna want to Activate them in inventory first, and you’ll need a Cheap Lighter or maybe Matches to do so.

so I activate it then throw it? :o

Sounds about right. Much like activating a grenade first (by pulling the key), then throwing.

Hey I got a noob question too! Am I a complete dunce I can craft nailboards but can’t figure out how to make spiked board traps. Is the crafting ‘recipe’ just one my character is unaware of, or am I severely failing at dropping a naily 2x4 on the ground properly? I’ve been looking all over the place and trial-and-erroring but sofar, all error. No foot-stabbity at all.

you have to make an actual trap component I’m pretty sure. Survival skill if i’m not mistaken.

Pretty sure you need at least level 1 in the Traps skill before you can make any traps. You may have to try disarming traps until you level to 1, find the traps skill book, or start with points in that skill.

Speaking of which, I’d really like to make it possible to train up any skill provided you have the right tools to start it, rather than having a few (archery, traps, formerly electronics) where your options are “start with it, grind on something really annoying, or get lucky with book drops”.