Newbie in da HOUSE!

you should find a mansion ^ they hqve books that let you bring your skills up to 7 or 8 :smiley:

Two quick notes.

When you activate a molitov/grenade/nuke/exc it should become yellow in your invantory. THROW THAT ONE! don’t throw the dud and have the live grenade go off in your pocket…

For traps don’t drop them, (a)ctivate them if you want to put them pointy end up. Otherwise it won’t ever hurt anything.

[font=calibri]Yeahhh! Alright, that explains a good plenty of things. I’d been correctly activate-attempting, it’s just I have nothing considered a ‘trap’ to activate save for some bubblewrap.

Practicing not popping the bubblewrap as I pick it up sounds more like an exercise in self-restraint than trap practice, but this might do! Thank you.[/font]

what can you even do with bubble wrap?
how do you cut poppy flowers and get their buds/flower.

Bubblewrap makes a sort of noise trap, or so I’m told. You put it in a chokepoint or some such while you read/sleep/craft, and if a critter approaches, it pops the wrap and alerts you.

Never used it, personally. I like the other traps better.

[font=calibri] Stand beside mutant poppy, hit e, press direction facing poppy, option to pick it will come up.[/font]