Newb making mods needs help

I have a few questions if you don’t mind… First, how do I make recipes appear in appropriate places? I made a rifle but when the recipe is learned it appears in the “other” section instead of the “range” section. Second, how do I make items spawn in certain locations? I put a tool in the item group camping and outdoors, would this allow it to spawn in a sport goods store?

Concerning the first, have an excerpt from recipes.json:


In the recipe for the item, you’ll watnt to replace what I’m presuming is “CSC_WEAPON_OTHER” with “CSC_WEAPON_RANGED” to make it subcategorize correctly.

For the second, yes. Item groups are the big thing that makes most items in the game show up. Only other normal ways to encounter items are if they’re spawned specifically in a mapgen entry, or placed on an NPC equipment list.

That did it, thank you!