Help troubleshooting

I’m making a mod that adds a couple new guns to the game the mod runs and all but the guns don’t show up in game nor do they appear in the debug menu. Heres one gun for refrence and the modinfo file.
“id”: “AWM”,
“copy_from”: “gun_base”,
“looks_like”: “pneumatic_bolt_driver”,
“type”: “GUN”,
“name”: “AWM”,
“description”: “A bolt-action sniper rifle designed and manufactured by the British company Accuracy International. This rifle has seen popularity from everyone, from civilians to military.”,
“weight”: “6486,4 g”,
“volume”: 3,
“price”: 800000,
“bashing”: 8,
“to_hit”: -2,
“materials”: [“steel”, “plastic”],
“symbol”: “|”,
“color”: “grey”,
“ammo”: “.300_Winchester_Magnum”,
“skill”: “rifle”,
“range”: 70,
“dispersion”: 30,
“durability”: 20,
“valid_mod_locations”: [
[ “accessories”, 2 ],
[ “grip”, 1 ],
[ “mechanism”, 3 ],
[ “sights”, 1 ],
[ “sling”, 1 ],
[ “underbarrel”, 1 ]
“magazines”: [".300_Winchester_Magnum", [“AWM_mag”]]

“type”: “MOD_INFO”,
“ident”: “More_Snipers”,
“name”: “More Snipers”,
“authors”: [ “Jninja1” ],
“description”: “Adds a couple of new sniper rifles.”,
“category”: “guns”,
“dependencies”: [ “dda” ]

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Did you set it up in an item group\set up spawning? I’m still working on making my items spawn in my mod but the items do exist.

I believe I did, I’m not entirely sure if I did. How would I do that though?

Again, I haven’t gotten my items to spawn the way I want them too, but when testing item groups my items did show up.

in the json files of the game, there should be a folder called “Itemgroups”, in it are the files for what items will spawn with what (bathroom spawns, mutagens, etc). Create a mod file that edits a group and add the item that you’d like.

if the problem is that your item doesn’t exist at all, make sure that the mod is active, otherwise I’m as clueless as you.

Ya it sounds like it’s because I don’t have it set to an item group

Even if they’re not in an itemgroup they would appear in the debug menu.

Are you sure that the world you’re running is using the mod? I don’t see any glaring issues with what you posted, though admittedly I didn’t look very closely.

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It could have been that was the issue, I haven’t had many chances to check though.

I found the issue, I had the ammo types wrong I was for sure they were right. Obviously not though…