New Trait Idea : Thievery

Thievery could be a neat idea. Here’s some places we could use this in:
A new selection in chat with a NPC: The ability to steal an random item they have.
It would have a chance of succeeding depending on the person you’re stealing from and your Thievery level. Their Perception would matter the most, followed by Dexterity, then Intelligence and finally Strength. The chance would be increased if they were following you, and slightly increased if they’re the opposite gender. Succeeding gains you a bit of thievery experience and a random item they have. If you fail and get caught, the NPC will immediately turn aggressive against you, so be warned.
The ability to crack safes:
If your thievery level is above 4, you can crack safes. Each safe has a level, such as fast food places having low level safes, and military complexes having very high level ones. You cannot crack a safe if your thievery level is lower than the safe level. If it is though…
You’ll enter a screen where you select 4-6 numbers, depending on the difficulty. You will then be presented with clues. For every level your thievery level is above the safe level, you get 1 clue. Clues could range from ‘The first number is 4 greater than the 2nd number.’ or as obvious as ‘The 3rd number is 7.’. Safes will be instantly cracked if your thievery level is 8 above the safe level, for convenience. Upon cracking a safe, you obtain cash based on the safe level or maybe some rare and valuable items, as well as thievery experience depending on the safe level.
So I think this might be a good addition to DDA. Any suggestions for improvement?

NPC one yes, safe one no.