New pocket_data pocket_type

Was reviewing some of the latest changes and noticed pockets!

I was using the use_action/holster on a rucksack to simulate the idea of a couple of small pockets for e.g a lighter but obviously wasn’t the ideal/intended purpose.

I haven’t updated as yet but was wondering of it worked in a similar way action wise?

Looking at the updated, each pocket_type entry within pocket_data represents one pocket?

Cool stuff :slight_smile:

yup. there are a lot of examples of items that have multiple pockets you can crib from.


does this pockets has some limit on how much item they can hold?

Did I hear someone say Quantum Stockpile in pocket form :smiley: ?

:laughing: maybe.

if it has limit on how many items per pocket can hold, that would be nice.

And there was me hoping i’d find a stabilized portal on my travels, when I should be looking in my own pocket! :slight_smile: