New player needing guidance

So I’ve been playing a lot Cogmind, but, needed a break so I started playing CDDA. I initially tried using tiles but I found it very difficult to spot monsters and determine what the heck is going on so I switched to ASCII. I did a lot digging around in the forums, Reddit, and now here. I got my font changed to a larger size, Consolas Bold at 20 because I’m supposed to wear glasses but I don’t like a dummy and CDDA on a 32" 1440p monitor at default font size is like playing Simant in a window. I played with a mod or two just to have fun and see what the game is about. Just the dinomod really, because it sounded cool. First character opened a curtain and sees a T-rex “fleeing” form something. If a T-Rex is fleeing, then I should probably close the curtains and assume the fetal position.

Long story short I’ve died several times in various sometimes dumb but silly and funny ways. Burned to death in the basement of a shelter trying to cook meat with 8 2x4’s which turned out to be too much and set everything on fire. Crawled around with broken legs trying to get to the exit I did try to cook while everything was on fire because I needed food and then died.

Or that time when a Mi-go spawned near my shelter and I was like “whats that?” then suddenly “Damn it’s fast!” and then dead.

I’ve been:
Melted in a pool of spitter acid.
Choking to death in a smoker zombies cloud as he tore me apart.
Gunned down by sentry bots in a prison.
Tore limb from limb by a pack of wild chihuahuas.
Impaled by a giant wasp.
Mutated into rat women who then died to a growler.
Eaten alive by school children
Died in a pit
Torn apart again by a Mi-go
Heavily armed only to die to a pack of coyotes
Bled out in a dark basement after a really bad situation

The list goes on lol. Obviously I need a little help. I’m not giving up though! I do need some advice on the whole static base thing, I read a post about them and how their not really as important as their supposed to be or something? Anyways I always get stuck boarding up the shelter and then dying because I’m starving to death and trying to kill things for food. Staying in one place does not sound fun to me. I want to get out there and experience this wild world. Advice and or directions and world starting settings would be cool.

my current world settings been playing with different kinds are:
city size 4
spacing 6
spawn rate 1.50
evolution is 3.00
season length 18
construction 0 (to match the change above)

everything else defaults and no mods.

Also, I’ve seen suggestion on enabling NPC’s, how do I do this?

Npcs are under the world options during generation. I can tell you how I play, but your style will differ. I suggest switching city size and spacing, as you need more than one small city for items. I have a discord or you can message me here if you need more help.

sure, discord would be cool. What sizes do you suggest? edit: oh you said switch, got it lol

My discord is Salamander#8198

Thats hilarious.

Static bases are great. But after a point they hold you back with out some experience and a good vehicle.

Some one made a really good starter tutorial but I can’t remember his name. Maybe if I think real hard it will summon him.

If you are tired of trial and error, Vormithrax has a great beginner tutorial series on YouTube. I’d say the basics would be… controlled fire, and confidently sourcing food and water?
( construct brazier/find oven or stove, scavenge houses or search bushes in the woods for food )

I have tried pretty much every tile-set out there and still use ASCII 99% of the time. I feel like, at least in my experience, once you’ve gotten used to the classic ASCII roguelike pseudographical style, it actually feels like a handicap to switch to tiles. Much harder time in accurately gauging exact spacing and object recognition ( probably that wouldn’t be that big a deal if I used a particular tileset til greater familiarity ).

On a similar note, I also find the vi-style directional keys to be much nicer to use ( but harder to learn ).

Obsessively tinkering with fonts is also an OCD thing I seem to find myself doing all the time… shrug
My typical arrangement:

I’ll check him out thanks! I use the numpad to move around, and I remapped num 0 to ignore monster since I hit it fairly often. I have safe mode to re-enable itself after 50 turns, but, I’ve died because of that so I try to just ignore non deadlies. I actually dislike your font very much. Too blocky / low res looking. But, you like it so that’s no matter to me.

Haha, I like the blockiness specifically, it’s a ttf clone of a C64 font. It’s definitely a very subjective thing. The amount of fiddling you can do with it, both on font and tileset side, is a great aspect of games like this.

I only turn off safemode when I’m intentionally encroaching into a known danger area and eying the spot list. Hitting the ignore with it on is annoying ( but much easier if you are using the vi keys ).

…also it can be pretty helpful when advancing into dangerous territory with safemode off to use the SHIFT+directional keys to offset your view to give you a clearer picture of where you are headed.

I have no idea how to use VI keys, I may have grown up using ms-dos and early apple mac’s with the 5.25" disks, but I mostly played games like DOOM, BLOOD, C&C and stuff like that. RL’s are newish to me. I’ve played some earlier ones when I was younger, but, I was always drawn to the flashy graphics of upcoming games and new technology. These days I find those games lacking, and much more enjoyment in a game like CDDA, it’s so deep and allows your imagination to unlock and actually be used.

oh cool, view shifting could be nice. excellent tips guys thanks.

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My basic game plan to start is usually gather the materials for a forked spear (Fabrication 2, Survival 1), and then when attacking zombies just run until there is a tile between use TAB to attack and move away. The movements for zombie types differ for each. DO NOT attack anything that even SEEMS powerful like brutes, hulks, or anything shocky. Find a house or other place with a fireplace, brazier, or stove(Not oven). The outskirts near a town are a good choice if you can clear the place. Then just do whatever, I usually make a deathmobile(Thank you Cata++ and Blazemod)using a weird abnormality in that Cata++ allows you to install foot pedals in a car and then install any type of electric motor as a Generator in that spot. The battery output of the generator is the same as the motor of the same type but requires less power to use, so mulitiple generators can be used especially in the same spot at the cost of power which is also speed for a vehicle. Add turrets like UPS rifle and your set to explore.

That is normal reason to die.

ay… I just keep getting rekt. I had a semi decent character going but while moving to a new location to loot at night I was crossing a parking lot and a zombie necromancer came into view out of nowhere and wooped my butt. Now I’m struggling to get up and going again. It’s such a pain to tear down all the curtains, cut up some sheets, craft a nord, hammer, crowbar, bandages, chestwrap and handwraps for more protection, sling, and everything 5x a day after I die. It really makes me dislike the start. I don’t want to try an OP start or anything. I just want to at least survive as the basic evacuee with good traits, no bad ones, fab and survival

Dude RNG is nasty took me at least 10-12 tries before I got my current character in good shape but have heart eventually you’ll get the right mix to make a good living. I’m not fond of the nord it kinda blows, again forked spear for those sweet sweet reach attacks, or if your feeling particularly masochistic you could try the knife spear. I usually go with the evacuee myself and I don’t make clothing others than the bare minimum to stave off the cold and no tools as ripping a curtain down to get heavy stick to bash lockers to get scrap for spikes and chunk of steel for hammering 1 is all I need

I hear ya. Got a decent start now. Looking for shopping cart and good water supply or some kind of tank to hold a lot of water

60L tanks work well if you can cut them out of a car and rain is free water if you can set up a funnel for it

Man you weren’t kidding about that forked spear. Using it today and it’s :ok_hand:

If you want something that doesn’t have the fragile tag the stone spear is a pretty good option.

Glad to hear it, the next evolution would be the pipe spear once you get the welder and the welding goggles

Stone is okay but it’s durability is less then the forked spear

Even with the fragile tag on the forked spear?