New player needing guidance

it’s fragile, but, it’s not that bad, can usually kill a day and half worth of Z’s before it’s pretty beat up. Might be a good idea to carry 2

<-- had to learn the hard way not to cauterize infections if I have disinfectant available. fml

I did as well. I now try to avoid doing that at all costs. I see it as last resort rather then first instinct now.

How so? I did it all the time including my current unless something changed?

well I started noticing that cauterizing is not as safe as you expect. I got really bad RNG for awhile and everytime I did it it advanced the infection, then to green. Since it’s so RNG, I try to avoid it now. Disinfectant is pretty easy to find anyways once your able to get into town.

Not sure how effective hydrogen peroxide is though, but I imagine it’s somewhere between cauterizing and disinfectant.