New medieval helmet addition suggestion

I am personally a fan of the European Pig face bascinet helmet and I was wondering if this could possibly be an addition to the game at some point? I am planning on buying one for myself IRL and I want my character to be able to wear one as well, because ya know twining is winning! Lol just a thought let me know what you guys think! !

You/Someone could consider adding it to the medieval items mod, which has a substantial amount of medieval armors and weapons.

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Unfortunately I lack the skills to do so… i hope someone with the know how sees this and gives it thought that would be pretty great lol

It’s surprisingly easy once you give it a try, although you might need to dedicate an hour or two to working out the fiddly parts.

If you (or anyone else) is interested, all you’d really need to do is open the medieval items mod’s folder, find the text file that has the definition for a similar helmet, copy/paste the similar helmet, adjust the stats/name to your liking, find the text file that has the itemgroups that have the similar helmet, and paste the item ID for your new helmet into the same itemgroups.

hell, if you have some idea of what makes it different to other helmets, it’s advantages and disadvantages vs a similar one and it’s balanced, you could probably make a PR and have it merged into the mod that comes with the game.

Adding new item doesn’t require any coding skill you just need to fill correctly a new entry in the relevant json file. Here’s the guide to do so
Anyway what you could do without even looking at the json file is provide the stats (Bash protection, coverage etc…) and maybe the recipe for the item, with relevant sources to justify them, and then someone could add it to the game for you.
Finding the right stat is more than half of the job.