0.C 2992 - My new Character can't wear a helmet

Downloaded 0.C 2992, fresh start, survivor, evacuee, with “more survival tools” mod.

0.C b95bcaa
debian linux x64

First I made a wooden needle (with fabrication level 2), and then I collected some rags to make a balaclava.

But when I tried to put the balaclava on, the message said: “You can’t wear a helmet!”, while at the same time, I got no problem wearing a knit hat found in the underground basement, just the balaclava.

I don’t know if other helmets got the same issue.

Is this a bug?

Also applies to crafted cotton hat
but not crafted turban

also applys to balaclava I just made it and I cant fit it even though I have nothing else on my head :frowning:

roger that! And the biker helmet can’t be equipped too

Oops, looks like my fix broke something else. Checking it out now. In the meantime, you should be able to wear anything that isn’t (fit)-ted.