New Japanese Mod - Space Victory

I found another mod we didn’t know about on the Japanese Wiki called Space Victory.

I’ve got some little errors out of the way, (like you can’t have a * in an id and some other stuff,) but now I’m getting the “is not a valid item template” error. You can get my broken copy here.

Can anyone explain to me what item templates are and how they work? There are a huge amount of mods in here and I would like to get them working.

that sounds like something is referencing an item that doesn’t exist, possibly due to a missing file or possibly due to a typo.
Re: Misssing file, it’s possible it has a dependency on another mod.

The mod is working in 0.C - see this *256, x128 and x64 engines.

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Version without errors in latest experimental:

It should still be edited though to balance numbers at least.

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