New Head CBM - Full Immersion VR Training Simulator

When used the player would lose all physical sensations from their body leaving them extremely vulnerable to attacks, Hunger, Thirst and environmental hazards.
The player has to choose how many hours to ‘study’ when they start and has to hope they are safe enough while it progresses.

As the benefit, it is essentially quantum computer assisted Lucid dreaming allowing to practice proficiency and skills ( up to level 6).
For further training, the player can hook up to a Laptop with training programs installed (Can be found in CBM labs, either pre-installed or as USB/Solid State storage)

This would allow the player to learn skills and proficiency that would otherwise be impossible to learn post-apocalypse. Such as Helicopter Piloting.

There could be a risk of corrupted programs or other dangerous programs that could cause glitches and physical problems if run.

A high computer skill and access to a Laptop would be required to debug yourself, but has the same disadvantages as running a program (Deaf, Blind and Numb) with the added advantage of not knowing how long you may be under for.

To avoid it you need to decrypt Solid State/USB devices to confirm their contents- with the already existing risk of destroying the data.

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