Futuristic military barracks/training site


There are some skills which are nearly impossible (or just difficult) to train because of scarce resources, like “lauchners” or driving (one needs to drive a LOT to get good at it) and it not always makes sense to learn such skills from a book. So my idea is, as it’s quite futuristic world, that military developped virtual training machines, like those in matrix :P. They should be able to train you to lvl 5 (just by providing you with virtual tools to get better in virtual space) of any skills like launchers, firing arms, shotguns, handguns or driving etc. Such machine would require 3 things to let you train on it:

  1. power source - electricity is generally not provided anymore, as it’s apocalypse, so you’ll need some basic electronics skills to power it for example from car acummulator.
  2. basic computer skills - to hack terminal it was secured with (it could still be experimental technology or there could be simple verification as one’s soldier login and password
  3. training program - there are actually many “data disks” which I didn’t find to do anything useful. Some of them may be advanced training programs of X skill which can train you only in this one, but with higher cap than lvl 5. This actually doesn’t have to be neccesary, as I’d expect that most of these machines haven’t been taken away its software before apocalypse and are equipped with some basic one.
    What would also be cool with this feature:
  4. to be able to unmount it (I’d imagine it to be some armchair with neuroprobes, virtual googles/earphones) and just mount it where you wish, like in your precious base.
  5. with high computer skills one should actually be able to program demanded software, as the only thing you’d need to know are basic physics for simulation. Well we can bend the real odds of knowing that just with computer science a little…

So, what do you think?


I don’t think Cataclysm tech has advanced that far. I think a regular skill book for launchers and such would be improbable, but not quite as improbable as that.

If ‘practice’ actions are added in, and the ability to restore power to areas, I could see this idea being implemented as a simulated firing range or something, though.

It’s not really that futuristic as you think. Virtual simulations are already in use for example to teach basics of helicopter flying. And even if, it can also be a random chance prototype for some science labs…

Virtual simulations do exist, yes. I’ve used a couple before. But they’re generally big and clunky and not really designed for portability. And for all the advancements pre-Cataclysm society has made, neuroscience doesn’t seem to be one of them. Like I said, virtual simulators make sense as a physical setup, but a thing that plugs directly into your brain and downloads skills to it strains believability.

Excuse me? Neuro science isn’t a thing in cataclsym? So how all bionics work in your opinion? They need some kind of connection between machine part and brain.

Moreover it doesn’t have to be neuro - it can be a simple console. And if you want to add some more limits, there might be a special bionic required for connecting with that machine.

About portability, I didn’t say it’s a must. Also I didn’t state I want it to be portable, I stated that it would be nice to have it decompositable to assemble somewhere else (well it’s only some kind of console + computer, isn’t it?). Lastly, it doesn’t have to be super realistic. I just want some alternate source to learn skills that are barely able to be learned, and still useful to get good at.

Then implement them as rare skill books. For all your talk of not being able to stretch your suspension of disbelief far enough for those, you sure are willing to go to any length to defend your implausible Matrix setup.

Not directly related here, but worth a look https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/6334

Basically a bionic that grant you a particular “skill” or in this case: martial art style.

instead of large machines or books why not just make launchers easier to train?
I propose we add the rock-it launcher from fallout 3
it could run off the UPS or batteries and could fire random objects that would deal damage based on their weight (it would have a set velocity for you physics buffs)
ill make another drawing board post when i get home for it but i think itd be a nice little addition

[quote=“infectedmochi, post:8, topic:5312”]Not directly related here, but worth a look https://github.com/CleverRaven/Cataclysm-DDA/pull/6334

Basically a bionic that grant you a particular “skill” or in this case: martial art style.[/quote]

And that links into the training problem. Inadequate’s right: DDA neuroscience hasn’t evolved to the point where you can just upload information directly to your brain. The memory bionic works because it’s integrated with your thought/memory patterns and can therefore recreate them, rather than preprogrammed. Instead, the CBM takes over your motor functions: you basically just aim and it puts you through the actual attack. This is modelled as hard-lock at skill 4 whilst the bionic’s active.

Training from an external simulator, which is what I’m getting here, could probably take you to 3 or so: talented beginner/entry-level professional. Unfortunately, so can books.

The benefit I’d expect from a VR sim over book training would be that the simulator does it much faster and probably with less Focus loss. Downsides: it takes power, is at a fixed location (which you’ll need to secure–whilst in VR you would be totally vulnerable to outside attack), and probably requires hacking to either get to or activate. Having separate programs for each weapon/combat skill makes sense, and would improve its long-term utility, I’d imagine.

VR training would probably not be something on any sort of backup system and would probably have to rely on a power system to work.