New building I would love to see: Casino

Just a thought for when cash becomes a little more stable, we could add casinos, both big and small.

Have it so if your not already feeling lucky just being alive, you could try winning some currency for that gun vending machine down the street, or late game wise robbing the place.

I’m thinking things like automated blackjack/poker/slots mini-games. and security like guard robots when things get ugly.

Hek maybe add some slot machines to some bar buildings just for flare, or combine a casino with a hotel, or shopping mall.

This could be an interesting addition to the game. Could that also see a new ‘Compulsive Gambler’ negative trait (morale boost from gambling, morale drop if player hasn’t gambled in a while)? Or would that fit under Addictive Personality?

It might make it in if we could gamble with NPCs, but currently the only place to get that “fix” would be to implement this building along with the machines to be dotted through out the game world. It would be easier just to take some anti-depressants.

There’s also very little call for slots/poker/etc machines to have nuclear-based backup power. But yeah, a sawdust joint or somesuch in the back of the refugee center or some other faction base could totally be a thing.

Pawn shops could have oldschool mechanical only slots machines that can dump out a shit ton of coins but make ringer bells. The coins could be useful for bullet crafting or we could add in loud change-counting machines to turn coins into cash cards.