Never any rain?

I’ve spent about 50 days on this save, and I set up funnels on the first day in the hopes of getting a bit of rain water, however it’s been well… 50 days and the funnels are still as dry as the day as I set them up. I only realized around day 10 when I really started to need that water that it hadn’t rained, and as far as I can tell it still hasn’t. What gives?

Might just be bad luck. Another thing is to be sure to be within the area when it does rain. If nothing else, find toilets, ponds, or any other water source. Vending machines or just regular houses have supplies to tide you over.

Seriously though, bad luck for bad rain for 50 days? That seems a little crazy. But don’t worry about my survival, I have the camp upgrade that gives me a water pump. I’m not worried about the rain affecting my survival chance, I was just worried that something was wrong with the game.

There was a recent change in experimental that significantly reduced the frequency of ‘bad’ weather. Prior to this change the opposite was true…you could go a LONG time with nothing but rain/storms/clouds.

Regarding the water situation- there are many water sources you can use without relying on the now much less useful rain/funnels. If you don’t have an obvious source like a river/lake/pool etc…pretty much every forest tile has little puddles of water which are infinite (currently). With just a screwdriver and hammer you can disassemble things like the standing tank on roof of an Evac Shelter to get 60L tanks. go fill one of those at a puddle or other water source and haul it back to you base for 240 units of water.

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This was the PR, it’s pretty well researched:

Funnels weren’t useful to begin with, because water is plentiful, and my changes made them even less effective. First, wet and very_wet both produce less water per hour than they used to. Second, rain occurs less frequently. The total rainfall per year is still unrealistic (although it’s now unrealistically low by a factor of 2 instead of unrealistically high by a factor of 10) because I didn’t implement very light rain of less than 1 mm/hour, which is the most common form of rain, at least in New England. It’s arguably not worth doing, because very light rain wouldn’t have a meaningfully large effect on morale or fire. Its only real consequence would be that funnels would accumulate more water over very long durations.

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Perhaps the issue is moreso that the weather doesn’t move very quickly? I’ve gone several weeks in Spring now without a drop of rainfall, but the debug map shows spotty rain dozens of map tiles away that stays basically statilnary… In reality, rainclouds in coastal areas tend to sweep East-West such that you should be seeing rain several times a week, even if that rain passes over quickly.

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I feel that while it 100% isn’t worth coding in the tiny misty drizzles, the rain still feels incredibly rare. Even if it lines up with your data, something almost certainly isn’t working right. One of the stormiest/cloudiest parts of the US should get more rainfall than my dry as hell home state (in the midwest), but unless we’re willing to chalk it up to “oh hey the apocalypse is causing severe droughts because why not” then it is still far too dry.

Believe me, I’m not worried about it from a survival/difficulty perspective, I’m just saying that it feels very unrealistic.

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If you don’t believe me, check the data and tests yourself.

I would weigh in and say it certainly feels a lot more normal this way. Previously, it basically rained or snowed 9 days out of 10. Or at least it felt that way in every game I played over the last year +

And it was that way for a long time. I don’t really have any problem with the way it is now, especially if it’s modeled after real world numbers. It might feel to you like it’s not raining enough but if it’s based on actual data then I don’t see a problem.

Maybe the original intent was to simulate britbongland. But yeah, I had the opposite problem before.

fair enough, probably just personal preference.

When I first looked at a years worth of cata weather output after this PR, I was equally mystified by the lack of rain, but as Kodiologist explains, and as I can see now in the real-life data, the majority of precipitation irl would be too light to have any appreciable impact in-game.

( seeing as the in-game effects of rain are fairly meaningful , it would make this light drizzle too impactful for what it is )

Just pretend that when the game says " sunny" it actually means "occasional drops of rain now and then " and itll feel more reasonable :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m tempted to say that if the frequent misting is a thing, then there should be SOME evidence in game, like funnels collecting dew equivalent amounts, and surfaces being more slick, and visibility being slightly lower… but…

that much water for funnels is negligible, so what little code would be required for it would still be unnecessary

how would ‘slickness’ be implemented? chance for low dex characters to slide and fall? weapons without ‘grip’ being more likely to be fumbled? Checks against characters dodge, when wearing poor footwear for successes to fail because ‘footing slipped’? All seems excessively minute or just plain excessive

slightly lower visibility during ‘cloudy’ weather is already a thing, should ‘misting’ and ‘not misting’ really adjust that further? Probably not.

Hey guys i am pretty new to CDDA i’ve only played around 50-70 hours or so. Decided to come back and do another big run and i’ve run into some trouble.

I started with a randomized char in the evac shelter scenario, the issue is, in the desert…

I’ve managed to survive around 50+ days however a broken right leg forced me to subsist off of gum and purified toilet water the problem is that i can’t walk to the nearest city to raid their toilets due to being surrounded by the dead as well as the insane heat (even during the night). There is no rain ever so i can’t use funnels. Is there a way to gather water by maybe digging a well or something?

You guys got any ideas? Thanks in advance…

Somewhere last year devs have decided that rain as it was working in the game was not consistent with an actual New England weather. So nowadays it is indeed super rare, to the point of seeing no rain for several seasons.

You can ‘Build a Water Well’ from construction menu, if you have the necessary skills, instruments and materials.

You need a mechanical pump for that, among rocks, nails, planks and pipes.

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You may also travel around, ponds are fairly ubiquitous even if you can’t find any river. The problem with that, same as with gathering materials for the well, is you can’t quite do it with a broken leg.

@GiggleGrassGatherer @Dlight_full Thanks for the advice, i’ve got fabrication 6 since i managed to get a bunch of batteries and plastic as well and i used my mess kit to make a bunch of plastic bottles although my metal is low.

I managed to heal my broken leg however my food has almost run out, i might have to risk it and try to find a way to attract the zombies and kill them somehow.

Thanks again, i didn’t know you could build a well, now i just have to find the DIY compendium and a way to escape this mess haha.