Nerfing the Integrated toolset. (Beware of bad grammar and formulations)

when you have aquired the integrated toolset and som easy power source, you are basicially free from all limits. I think it is way to overpowered of a tool. You see, the problem comes to all the tools the integrated toolset is made up of. After you get it you’ll never have a worry in the world, and you will never lose it. Allthough I personally don’t stay clear of it, I would suggest removing some of the uses I find op, especially the welder.

This comes up a lot, I don’t know if you searched the forums before posting this.

I will say I suggested a while back that we split it into 3 separate mods each geared towards a particular skill, specifically

  • An integrated electronics toolset with a soldering iron, fine screwdriver, and pliers
  • An integrated mechanics toolset with a wrench, hacksaw, and welder
  • An integrated construction toolset with digging, hammering, wood sawing, and basic screwdriver

I feel this would let you retain the strong end game power of the current toolset, but it would be less bursty and allow for some interesting starting character professions.

I hear you. I would limit the quality of the tools in int. toolset to quality 1. Hammering, bolt turning, screwdriving, metal sawing and their ‘fine’ versions. So, tinkering only. It’s basically a swiss army knife installed around your forearm. Or is it INSIDE the forearm? Then it would be supported by bones, in which case any hard use would hurt or damage the arm.

Integrated construction toolset? Hehe. HEHEHEHE. Get out. :slight_smile:

The toolset will be less useful once CBM limits are in.