Negative Traits Poll, 0.2-ish [CLOSED]

Seems like some are popular and others are shunned. What do you use, at least once in a while?

I take Schiz, Trigger Happy, Truth Teller and (now that HP ignorant has the new norm) Glass Jaw.

Schiz is imo one of the most fun Negative traits, an episode could happen at anytime and when it does you’ll know about it. Also no other perk allows you to kill your mother repeatedly :D.

Btw welcome to the forums.

I experiment with different character builds, but I always take Truth teller and Ugly traits. They affect only interactions with NPCs.

It depends on my build but oftentimes I find I simply take the same ones over and over because some disadvantages are just so extreme that I may as well not start a character with them. He becomes more of a walking corpse than the zombies!

That said despite schitzo being one of those it really is a “fun” disadvantage that brings something new to the game despite being sub-optimal and I hope it stays in if this poll is an attempt to even out traits.

Seconding Dezzmont regarding kill-disadvantages. Someone correctly pointed out that anything that requires the player to have an item, or at least access to it at all times, will probably kill the character because that item will run out or be destroyed.

Thus, Near-sighted & Asthmatic aren’t likely to be popular anytime shortly.

Honestly, I love trigger happy. How the hell is it a negative trait again? :smiley:
It’s more like a perk.

The amount of times I’ve expected to be pasted to a wall by a hulk-- only for my Tec-9/Mac-10 or something else to empty the entire magazine-- wasting not only the hulk but generally what’s standing behind it too. what’s more, with single shot or bolt action weapons it doesn’t work :slight_smile: of course, wasting a full mag on something like a blob can be kinda annoying.

I usually take Heavy sleeper and a few others but I’ll never take smelly. Wolves already find me easily enough.

Problem with some of them is that once you start drinking to Science the mutations just cascade. Ugly>Deformed, etc. At least Smelly eventually leads to the Pheromone traits.

(Query: has anyone really gotten much from the pheromones? Insect pheromones didn’t help me walk into the beehive; would it be handy in swamps or something??)

Truth Teller is pretty much free points right now. NPCs don’t yet have enough things to do with them to be worth lying to them that often. Maybe that’ll change in future builds. Ugly could be considered the same, but I generally don’t take it.

Schizophrenic is fun, I often take it when I’m willing to shoulder a challenge for a big wad of points to invest. It’s a little buggy, though, on two important facets:

[ul][]NPCs will react to your hallucinations, which does not make any sense if they’re all in your head. Can be a pretty serious problem if you’re walking near town and you hallucinate a zombie only for an NPC to discharge a shotgun at it and attract real zombies. (Of course, if you’re anywhere near a town with a shotgun-wielding NPC, you’re asking for it.)
]The non-monster related hallucinations (turf corruption) show up every screen draw instead of every turn.[/ul]
I await to see an improved version of schizophrenic that includes a wider variety of mobs and perhaps phantom items so you think you see something to loot and it turns out to be nothing.