Negative Mutation Encumbrance

I like to create small mods for my own use. Recently, I added an “Agile” mutation that adds -10 encumbrance to all body parts (using “encumbrance_always”). In doing so, I discovered two problems:

  1. The encumbrance displays in the character menu (’@’) and armor sort menu (’+’) seem to ignore mutation encumbrance.

  2. Encumbrance can be negative. It should probably have a floor of zero.

FYI: I’m currently using the 64-bit build 8452.

What was the result of the negative encumbrance, if any?

It behaved exactly as you’d expect. It gave small bonuses to melee attack speed, movement cost, and so forth. The effects were listed correctly in the character sheet, but not the actual encumbrance value.

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Interesting…very interesting.

That’s actually very interesting. Maybe it shouldn’t have a floor. Being able to go negative without breaking anything definitely opens up more options to modders imo.


I think negative encumbrance is what the nimble mutations should actually do.

Maybe it should work a bit like “wet_protection”, where instead of “ignored”, “neutral”, and “good” there would instead be something like “add” (as “encumbrance_always”), “add_covered” (as “encumbrance_covered”), and “cancel” (reduces encumbrance but won’t drop it below zero).