Need someone make a field effect blocked system

It has been explore mine adits so many time

there’s a saying, “you can’t go when you can’t see” so many time I was trapped on the mine adits, because those toxic gas has covered all over the place, including stairs

I can deal the toxic gas covered on floors, but if the toxic gas covering the stairs, that make thing lot harder, because I can see jack shit, I can’t even tell where supposed to go

so I suggest if someone can make a blocked stystem on the stairs, to block the toxic gas covering it, I mean in the real life, the gas should be drain out on the exit, make people easy to see, right?

You can drop an item to mark the stairs, or use the look key to look around the tiles to find the stairs.

The look key method should be on the wiki.
It works well enough (needs LOS to the stairs iirc, but this is to be expected)

The real solution here is to make gasses and smoke not totally obscure the tile, but just change the background or something similar. Then the player can still see everything the survivor would hypothetically be able to (though they would still cut down on the absolute range that you could see something from).