Need opinions on the best way to implement a deconstruct menu

I’m currently working on an expansion of the construction system and my first step has been to allow deconstruction of many more terrain/furniture objects. My question to the community is:

Would you rather: Open the construction screen, select deconstruct, and pick from a menu that lists all deconstructable objects, with those adjacent to the player highlighted? Or would you rather have a separate key-binding for a Deconstruction menu with the same functionality? Or maybe you have a better idea?

I ask this because this expansion changes the way deconstruction works. No longer will everything be deconstructable using only a hammer and a screwdriver. ( Would give us a very good reason to implement an oxygen-acetylene torch ) Due to new tool requirements for deconstruction and the fact that the current system has no support for different tool requirements per object, this is the solution I came up with. Personally I like the idea of a separate key-bind, but that may just be personal preference.

Imho make it an option from the construction menu but give it the same bind as the construction menu itself so you can just double tap *.

Not sure if that is possible. The construction menu letters change depending on what is actually showing in the construction window. If it’s possible that wouldn’t be a bad idea though.

EDIT:: Now that I look at the code, it seem like the construction menu uses only letters for menu hot-keys. That means that there would be no way to use the construction menu hot-key as there is now guarantee the player will have it bound to a letter.