Enhance Construction Menu with UI elements seen in Crafting menu

The crafting menu has a few features that, when you notice and learn to use them, can be very handy. I think a lot of them could equally well be put to use in the construction menu.

  • Put possible constructions on the top, things you can’t build right now at the bottom.
  • List in reverse order by difficulty of primary skill.
    I didn’t notice this at first, but it is super handy when crafting to train your skills. Also, puts the fanciest and neatest stuff up top. Might be best as a sort option rather than the only display mode, though.
  • Add prefixes to 'F’ind dialog.
    I didn’t use these when I first started playing, but now I find them indispensable for crafting. I’m sure that they would be similarly useful for the construction menu.
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Yes, please do it. UI code is a mess, so we all will be happy someone would bravely dive into it.

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