Cleanup/organize the menus and Last crafted button "-"

Okay so I’ve spent some time searching for past topics regarding what I’m hoping to be done and didn’t find anything. Now either I’m just bad at searching keywords or there wasn’t any made. I hope I’m the first one.

Now that I’m done with that I’d like to suggest the vehicle menu recieve a small overhaul. Give it the same love the crafting menu had. Categorize everything into their respective type: All/Frames/Boards/Engines/Weapons/Armor/Misc and whatever else is there. To navigate the menu is almost the same as the crafting menu up/down to go through the parts and left/right controls the category. Also put all highlighted parts at the top just like the crafting menu.

Please do the same for the construction menu. The various categories could be: All/Wall/Holes/Trees/Furniture/Misc… okay that seems kinda odd… I hope someone can think of a better grouping. Anyways same control scheme as above.

Now my last point is… the “-” key… this crafts the last crafted craftable recipe in the crafting menu. Can we make this key context sensitive? How about if players are in the consume menu the “-” key will make the player eat the last edible item. For the construction menu the last thing built. For the vehicle menu the last part installed. When asked what item to repair via the sewing menu it would fix/fit/reinforce the last item sewn. The same for the soldering menu for repairing Kevlar/plastic wearables.

I don’t know about you, but I feel these improvements would vastly improve the playing experience. Removing various tediousness in certain circumstances. Anyways thanks for reading.

Edit: Okay I think someone else mentioned this, but can we get better descriptions of what the hell we’re installing on the vehicle? Shift+E comes to mind.

Two more ideas to organize and reduce clutter in the game menus.

  1. Instead of listing every single object like so:

D Bone
i Bone
S Bone
o Bone
r Bone?
G Bone!
a bone
I Bone…
z Bone…
e Bone!!
d Bone again

Organize it like so:

A Bone x 20

Players will pick up X amount by inputting how many they want before selecting what then want; just like dropping X amount from the inventory screen. This applies to things: on the ground, in a vehicle’s compartment, drawers!, counters, and more!

  1. The crafting menu again! Whenever I craft something I’m always being attacked by a barrage of small menus… example when I baked a Johnnycake I get 3 menus:

Menu 1
1 Cooking oil
2 Tallow

Menu 2
1 Flour
2 Cornmeal

Menu 3
1 Hotplate
2 Integrated Toolset

So instead of that how about this?


  • Cooking oil
  • Tallow

  • Flour
  • Cornmeal

  • Hotplate
  • Integrated Toolset

The player would use the arrow/num pad keys to control this menu. Items selected with have the + next to it like so:


  • Cooking oil
  • Tallow

  • Flour
  • Cornmeal

  • Hotplate
  • Integrated Toolset

When the items required to craft the recipe are selected the game will automatically craft it. Also the player should able to press “-” in the select items menu to craft the last crafted item the same way. So basically this removes the menu the second time a player crafts an item. Just double tap “-” to craft faster.

I really hope these are useful and they get implemented into the game. Anyways thanks for reading.