Need help on item-spawning for mod

allright… thanks for the info…

wow, turns out i missed the vital core of the mod. luckily its still in alpha test so fixing is main priority.
lots of things to learn in JSON than typing the code.

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just to make sure, is this right? or wrong?

Your format looks good. I’m assuming those are all vanilla groups. Be aware, when you add the “ammo” flag you’re adding it to the entire item_group, or overwriting what was there. This is probably an unintended consequence and will yield results you don’t expect. To get around this, you could nest them inside another group. So it’d be “guns_shotgun_rare” [ group: RV_shotguns", 100] and then rv_shotguns whould be the entry you have above.

edit: sorry for the sloppy psuedo code, I’m tired and too lazy to do it right.
edit2: don’t make it 100 percent chance if it’s going into a distribution, I think that’ll bork things. Collections are ok though.

:smile: its ok, yeah im intended to do that as to give it a little bit compensation for the rare spawn weight.

yeah… im just goona use default method as of now, for testing purpose…


Happy to be of assistance.

Lol, fuck you 20 character limit.


:smile: not enough character limit.