Need .44 bullets. or - at least - casings


someone tell me where the highest probability of finding a .44 caliber cartridges?
I thought that I can not find ammunition for my 9x18 Makarov PM - but not - i found him in the basement with spiders!!!
but .44 - I can not find. as I representative refugee center (which gives the quest to the old guard) gave me .44 revolver and a few cartridges - and that is all. more I that caliber bullets did not meet in the game.
a world in which I play - I have it was built in 2015. During this time I have not seen such cartridges.
tell me where I should stick my curious nose? where the probability of finding such cartridges?
gun shop - in the county searched all weapons shops. :frowning:

or. maybe I was just unlucky with the generation of a new world - they are not generated?

I’m pretty sure .44 used to be stupidly rare because it was put in the military ammo spawning table instead of general civilian ammo, so you wouldn’t find it in gun stores or homes. That changed sometime last year (2016) though, so if you’ve kept the game updated older worlds should spawn it in new areas.

I feel like I’ve had good luck finding it in mansions, but that might be the old fashion paper and powder .44s.

Edit: Maybe it was rare and/or antique ammo drops, my memories fuzzy.