Naming the Updates

Just Curious Here.
Why Gaiman?

I always assumed the previous updates were named because they are just common names that start with that letter (Cooper, Danny, Frank)

But suddenly it goes from Frank to Gaiman, tbh it doesn’t really matter but I’m slightly curious

Also In general, why the names? some games update using version numbers (v0.3, 1.5, 1.19 etc…) And using letters makes sense (0.A, 0.B, 0.G etc…) and naming the letters makes sense just for convenience and remembering i guess, but i guess im curious if there is any meaning behind the names. and why and who chose them

Also… just a side note
How you pronounce it (Gay-Man? Gy-Man? Gymin?)

Named after fantasy & sci-fi novelist Neil Gaiman.

“ˈɡeɪmən”. Similar to how “caiman”/“cayman” are pronounced (the crocodile-/alligator-like creature or the islands). Just… with a “g”.

If I remember right, the names are - or were - chosen based on the new content. My guess; Portal Storms → Gaiman.
Another option (based on the old Github file) would have been Gernsback.
As for the “why do it at all” part, you’ve already answered it yourself; easier to remember/talk about. And tribute.