Naginata discrepancy

The naginata and survivor naginata have wildly differing Techniques, with the cheaper, low-grade version for some reason having a far more effective array of attacks.

The survivor naginata has Impaling Strike, Rapid Strike, Block and Wide Strike, whereas the properly smithed naginata only has Parry.

I has never bothered me, but now that i look at the recipes and descriptions here, i think you are correct.

Stats are plausible (the smithed naginata larger, slower, much more damaging),
smithed naginata has DURABLE_MELEE while the survivor variety has not (again sounds right),
but the survivor variety seems a bit overbuffed in techniques

I think that the smithed variety could use wide strike and impaling strike, while the survivor variety should lose block for parry, and maybe also lose wide strike (it is shorter and faster, has to have lower reach)

What about rapid strike? A naginata doesn’t sound light.

The survivor naginata recipe makes it sound more like a halberd then a naginata…

and as the naginata lacks stabbing and spear flags, it probably shouldn’t have impaling strike;