My game keeps crashing

Whenever I start my game , it crashes. I don’t know why but it keeps doing it! Someone please help!

Actually i just had to delete my save, my game is all better now.

Known issue. Unfortunate, but not easily fixable.

What happened is that there was a MASSIVE change in how items are stored between 0.3 and 0.4, which completely invalidated save files - to the point where even starting the game with an old save folder present causes crashes.

Mine too. But the reason is that when i make Big fires fighting triffids in towns, game lags and crashes.
It crashes faster when i look on this fires.
What to do? Maybe theres an ability to make fires burn faster?

Sure have been a lot of big fire related crash bug reports lately. Might be a serious problem. Sadly there is no way to make fire quickly go out over large areas using debug tools.

Yeah? and theres more bugs with fire that everybody might have noticed: 1 Fire doesnt give light in the night, you cant even see the fire itself. 2 The RAIN doesnt extinguish fires. So bad. Im not sure that big fires acually burn when i dont look.

Dark Wolf will you try to fix it?

Huh, that’s odd. It does for me. Not very MUCH light, granted, but at least enough to read by.

You sure about that? I regularly try starting a cooking fire in the rain, only to realize that it goes out by the time my first piece of meat is finished.

After a certain point, they don’t - areas that are too far away from you aren’t loaded, and hence nothing happens in those areas.


As you can see, during the thunder storm (3) even small fires(1) dont stop.

And when i come closer, i get segfault(2)!