Fire Crashes my game

New install of Cataclysm with no mods and every time I use a lighter on a bush or even just in general (on an object) the game crashes. To recreate, start game with no mods, enable debug, add lighter, walk to bush, activate lighter, direction of bush, game crash. I am using windows 10 and the game version is 0.C-34717-g8b0577e (tiles) and build 8200. I also use the cdda launcher. When troubleshooting I deleted everything and started over and that didn’t fix the problem. I have had no problems in the past so the only thing I could think that might cause it would be the update but I honestly have no idea. Thanks!

Forgot to mention but I run the game and the launcher as admin.

Known bug caused by a change in light sources, started in build 8195, if you revert to 8194 you should be fine, not sure if 8200 fixes it yet.

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THANK YOU! How do you find out if something is a known bug?