My car flies? This is weird

so I was just in the debug menu testing stuff and decided to try to drive a vehicle off of a roof but instead of falling I’m now currently flying

Update I was able to crash it, I was flying over trees so I think I was being held up on the z-level by them which is really funny, reminds me of harry potter oddly.

So if anyone wants a base that can’t be hit by melee monsters then build a giant vehicle on a roof next to a forest and drive onto the trees and to get back on the ground just drive back onto the roof. An absolute abuse of the game mechanics that I don’t have interest in (however I will be building my sky fortresses once we get flying vehicles/multi z-level vehicles/vehicles being able to ‘dock’ on other vehicles lol I can’t wait) but if you wanna do this just for teh fun of it it’s an option.

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uh… you better check last entry in build 10488 :wink:

Yeah, it was always working like that.