How do you cook with mutants?

What is the best way to use mutants in cooking? As in what recepies can you use to dilute the toxin in mutant parts and what ways of preperation get rit of the taste bad debuff. And what are some of the non-cooking uses for mutant parts.

Well, obviously you want a mutant with high food handling skill and without any traits that affect crafting speed negatively. I’d also stray clear of the more…exotic help - while Slime mutants’ acid gives their dishes a certain zest, they are very hard on the kitchenware, and Spider mutant’s urticating hairs can cause severe allergic reactions in your more baseline guests. While they are often overlooked in a household setting, Cephalopod mutants’ manual dexterity is unmatched in the kitchen. Of course, the most important thing is that you all have fun making the best food in the Apocalypse!

Oh no


There’s nothing that you yourself should really be eating that’s made of mutated bits. The toxin ends up getting in whatever you cook and can’t really ever be gotten rid of. Instead, you can use the mutant fat to make tallow/lard to use in candles and such (but not in food, be sure to separate your stacks!) and cook the rest to give to your NPC slaves who’re in a faction camp, as they don’t care and it’s lotsa calories.

Also, you can make biodisel out of mutant fat. Well, out of any kind of fat, but I use the types not suitable for cooking for just this purpose.