Mr Cell & Engines


2 suggestions here. First is about Mr Cell. I don’t know if i am missing something, but can we use it to heal an NPC companion?
How about putting a menu “heal npc” in Mr Cell console, or put an option to an NPC when talking to him and “use this item” to command him to use the Mr Cell console.

About second suggestion: Bigger engines or multiple engines after new experimentals.
Wankel only speeds up to 37km/h with a 12 ton now, so gasoline seems to be not an option. I can’t even go over some zombies. Is there a bigger gasoline engine?
Traction engine gives a highest speed of 75(which is better) with 65 as the next safest option. Still diesel is harder to be found in cars, and getting to the hospital through some hordes of undeads was still a bit hard, getting stuck every now and then.
PS. I used “Fuel deborking” mod in my already existing world, to make fuel consumption more “sane”, because of the bug with new updates and blazemod, wankel engine eating 1L of fuel moving 2-3 floor tiles. (0,5L just to start up)

I went through hell to visit the hospital, i ended up fixing my char’s own legs, but couldn’t fix my NPC’s arms, and now he has a broken leg as a bonus. He’s the last living person of my team.
Would splints work on him at least? Latest experimentals kinda messed my world up, but i’m trying…
using #5934

Ps: i know people are working on engines etc now, i just wanted to state that mobile bases are broken now. It’s tough when you are based on that. I will try to make a stationary base based around my mobile base (since it has everything inside) and make a light vehicle to move around. if i manage to get out of this hell with 37km/h. almost out of diesel, but have 2 engines and ~150L of 37km/h gasoline.
Ps2: blazemod bug is still an issue, people playing with no fix can not do anything at all with a fuel engine now.