Move all item from one pane to the other pane in Advanced Inventory Management


I have one question.

When i move the item using advanced inventory management, “[m]ove item between panes ([M] : all)” is displayed at the top panel. My question is that the button “M” is work?

I mean i think ‘m’ and ‘M’ is same (moving single item from src pane to dst pane). If ‘M’ is not work, is there any way to move all items between panes in Advanced Inventory Management?

I use 0.9-3150-g9e82161.

Yes, you can use both.

As far as I know the “M” button is broken, so yes. You have to move 40+ pages of items by holding down m…

If you have e.g. “Plastic bottle of clean water (2) x 10”, m will prompt for the number of items of the stack to move. M will move the entire stack (so will hitting enter).

Thanks for your help. : )

Ah okay, I thought M was move ALL items.
That would explain it…

Still, moving large amounts of items around is really tedius, it gets boring holding in the m key for a few minutes…

Yes - it would help if item stack instead of being alone.