Advanced Inventory Sorting

Could we please have the ability to move all the items in one side of the AIS to the other? It’s stupidly time consuming holding down “m” waiting for a thousand 2x4’s to go from one side to the other.

Probably “M” would be a sensible key for it?

M is already reserved, when you press it, it ask for a destination

in the interface itself, is the use of non-context sensitive actions and mappings usable? IE, when not applicable, can new actions and commands overwrite others?

Im not sure i understand what you mean, but if your asking if you can remap interface keys (like the advanced inventory) then no, they are hardcoded into the game.

Maybe if the Filter routine was tweaked a bit; if you filter stuff and press enter without browsing the most recent selection, the “smart” M key forwards the whole string rather than the first item in the stack. That would also make the infamous xamine and <,> (select all) pretty much obsolete; not to mention that punching in the letters you want to pop out in the pane should leave behind the whole “accidental move” issue. Altough great, it needs some work, I think, because the routine should reconsider moving inscribed items, for ex.