Mouse Support

So I’m a complete noob at Cataclysm. I only really found out about it about 6 months ago when Jef Major did a lets play on Youtube and only decided to give it a go recently after seeing Das24680 start a lets play as well. In that, Das is able to hover over things with his mouse and it displays info in the bottom right of the window. The new build describes ‘mouse support’ give no more info on how it may work. When I play, the mouse doesn’t seem to do anything. Am I missing something? Do I need to press a key or turn on a setting to get the mouse hover info.

Thanks in advance.

It might be because he’s using the latest experimental build instead of the official ironed out release.

If you aren’t using the experimental builds, it’s on this page on the right.

It might be different than what he is playing though, the builds change everyday.

It’s like DF’s mouse support, almost nonexistent.

Yer, it is the latest experimental build that has this feature. Thanks for the suggestion.

Also the description-on-mouseover thing only works in SDL builds.
In both you can click to walk, the pathing is pretty bad though.
You can also click to fire a weapon in both.

It’d be extremely useful to me if it could be used for menu’s, i usually have more items than hotkeys, (which also leads to equipped items being assigned the same hotkey…) so i have to scroll through all items to get it. i guess something that would alleviate this would be implementing a filter option in the basic inventory, like in the advanced one.