Mostly NPC-related suggestions

I’m not sure how many of these features are already in the experimentals(especially since I keep crashing after creating a character on the pc version), so here goes:

1) NPC infighting! On the IOS version of Cataclysm at least, it’s frustrating to watch a guy stunlock me to death with his bare hands while my idiotic companions just stand by. Follower NPCs should actually lend a hand when running into hostile NPCs.

2) NPCs following down/up stairs. Zombies can already follow you up/down Z-levels, but NPC’s can’t?

3) Less frustrating trading with NPCs? Theres nothing like trading a NPC a shiny new gun and ammo and then watching the NPC take only the gun (and drop all the ammo on the floor) because he doesn’t have enough volume for it. Probably because that same NPC wasted all the volume in his inventory on picking up junk items and clothes. Maybe add a warning that the NPC doesn’t have enough space to hold something when trading, and allow the player to see how much volume the NPC can hold?

  1. “Hit and Run” tactics. NPCs should know that they can hit and run the zombies rather than just standing still and punching a zombie hulk until it punts THEM into the stratosphere.

5) NPCs being less suicidal in a vehicle. Vehicles are worthless with NPC followers present on the IOS version specifically because the NPCs love to get themselves run over(while somehow still INSIDE the car), which will turn your character into a depressed wreck. I’ve seen NPCs deciding that standing in the open door of a car counts as a vehicle, and I’ve seen NPCs try to get out of a vehicle while it’s still cruising at 50mph to charge at a nearby zombie, causing them to die.

  1. NPC follow distance. NPCs tend to lag a bit behind, and an option to have them stay really close to me(rather than 6-ish spaces away) would be nice.

  2. “Go there” commands for NPCs, maybe? I usually have to use the “push away” command to get my followers to attack something(usually a zombie with a ranged attack, like a spitter or shocker) while I hide in a corner.

  3. More NPC dialogue in the message logs. NPCs fleeing from you should say things like “Get the hell away from me!” or “Stay back! Stay back!”, NPCs turning hostile after waiting for you to leave should have the “NPC turns hostile!”(NPCs that turn hostile when waiting for you to leave don’t have that message, resulting in a NPC suddenly turning around and shooting you out of nowhere) message along with dialogue like “You asked for it!” or “You should have left when you had the chance!” or “I warned you!”, and NPCs that care about beauty should have appropriate comments such as saying “Damn, (Man/Girl)! Talk to me!”, or “Hey there, gorgeous! Let’s talk!” or “Get away from me, you ugly sonofabitch!”

  4. Debug menu allowing you to spawn NPCs like how you spawn Monsters (As in, you choose where to spawn the NPC, rather than having a NPC spawn in your face before promptly shooting you dead or mugging you)?

10) NPCs stop running away from you at full speed after you complete a mission. I just killed that Jabberwock for you, both of my legs are broken, I’m half-dead and bleeding out, and now you have the audacity to run away from me? hold still for a second!

  1. What about sign language for communicating with NPCs, or some other nonverbal way such as a whiteboard and a marker? Maybe make it an expensive trait or something you have to learn from a book. Telling someone to drop his gun and get out of here in sign language also wouldn’t be particularly threatening.

12) Eyes gradually adjusting to the dark? The longer you go in the dark, the more your vision adjusts to it. Your vision range at night is still the same, but now you can see vague figures and shapes(with the only hint to what it is being the general size of the figure) outside that range. If you get exposed to light, however, the amount of vision adjustment resets.

  1. “Pick up essentials only” option for NPCs where they only pick up essential items (Food/water/ammo/drugs) rather than random junk they’ll never use and clothes they’ll never wear.

14) Freeform location selection option when creating a character?

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Looking at basically anything from stable and giving suggestions is likely to be useless. Experimental is FAR ahead of stable at any given time. Calling it Experimental, while accurate gives the wrong impression that it is likely to not be playable when in truth the opposite is often the case with experimental being much more fun to play.

The features and updates on Experimental are WAY ahead of stable.
Looks like some of your suggestions might still be relevant.

Pickup Essentials Only
Hit and run tactics (they still just stand there or chase after stuff, depending on how you set their combat settings)
Follow distance
Go There (should be added for high trust NPC)
More Dialog

Maybe Relevant:
Debug in NPC’s. (Not sure at all I assume its been fixed.)

Present in Experimental already (and probably has been for some time
NPC infighting (based on trust in you)
NPC follow up down stairs.
NPC Trading (much better, and gets even better with high trust)
NPC mission friendly
NPC messaging … What?
Eyes adjusting. {Most places you probably think about are PITCH black, so there is no adjusting you just can’t see without light. The rest are fixed. (dusk and dawn lighting, looking into dark from light etc…)}
Freeform location picker. (Debug teleport. Not a standard feature as that would be game breaking)

Vehicle friendly NPC’s( if you have a seat they can strap themselves to they will, otherwise they will stand the best place they can, and go splat only if you hit something to hard)

NPCs spawned via debug menu still seem to spawn a fixed distance and direction away from me. Also, about the whole NPC dialogue/messaging:

This is kinda what I mean, but expanded. You know how whenever a NPC says something, you can see it in the game’s message log? NPCs should be able to say more things in that very same message log, especially if they’re fleeing, suddenly turning hostile because you didn’t leave when they told you to, reacting to the Player being ugly/pretty, etc

It’s nice to see that some of these suggestions are already in the experimentals, though.