How to harvest sap?

I fixed a bug realted to getting water from map tile sources (pump/river/pond/etc.)

From the code it seems like harvesting sap would have the same bug.

But I can’t seem to get any sap so I can’t test it.

I put a tree spile on a maple tree and a gallon jug on it to collect the sap.
It is the first day of spring and I wait for a day.
No sap is collected.

Is there some trick to sap harvesting or is it broken?

I don’t believe you can harvest sap in spring. I think you need to do it in fall.

Nothing gets harvested in fall either.

I think you harvest it in the winter, and it would take quite a bit to get just a little too…

The code comments seem to say that the producing period is late winter-early spring.

I haven’t tried on current build but last I played there was a bug where sap wouldn’t accumulate while you’re on a different z-level.

Not sure if drilling tool quality when making the hole makes the sap accumulate faster?

That’s right, I looked over the code a couple months ago and it was set up to only add sap to containers in late winter/early spring. If it’s stopped working, that’s probably a bug.