More Survivor Stuff (Mainly heavy stuff!)

hey peeps

i am pawnis on the discord, and i like heavy things.

what this mod includes so far:

more survivor armor
high-quality survivor guns (high cost high reward)
high-quality survivor melees
three balanced but cool martial arts

everything inside this mod has been, is and will be at least a little balanced. martial arts sure as hell are gonna be extravagant though


soon to come:

more guns
more gun mods
more melee weaponry


Thanks for your efforts. You should get this added to the launcher. Submit a new issue at the launcher repository. See as an example.

This guy has cool inventions that are definitely launchers.

i have an issue with this mod. it always send me an error message when i try to play with this
edit : i’m on experimental

well considering the last time his stuff was updated was close to 8 months ago… you would be having problems with it.

yep, i lost steam after that crappy nested containers stuff, also i think im supposed to be banned from here

anyway it works best if you go back a few commits (before i started trying to convert for nested containers) then play on the last build before it. i wanna say it’s 10614 but i don’t remember exactly.

otherwise this mod isn’t that complicated so updating it is probably not too difficult, if anyone wants to do it i won’t say no even if spite tempts me to.