Is there a reason the Defence Mode is not JSONized?(also, other questions)

Hi guys,

Before i get neck-deep in code, I wanted to ask if there was a reason that the caravan mode stuff is not JSONized, or just pulling random stuff from loaded code via loot lists? I was thinking off at the very least moving all the information to a JSON file so that some of the suplies are more sane and easy to edit.

As well, the hospital mode - is there a reason we cannot build or place mines in that mode? As far as I have found, the other maps allow you to, so it’s strange why this one does not.

Are there any other features you would like me to explore adding to defence mode?


I’m not a dev, but if I understand correctly the mode where you are protecting a generator dates back to the days of wales dev. And from what I picked up from lurking on the github, stuff from those days are a complete mess and very difficult to work with.

Probably does not help that it does not seem to be a very popular gamemode. But it’s probably just a catch 22. It’s not popular because of a lack of updates, and it does not get updated because it’s not popular.

So, as long as I don’t break anything else and I’m incorperating features from the main game cleanly, there shouldn’t be problem?

I’ll start taking a crack at cleaning it up and see what I can do.

Geiger is correct, the only reason that code isn’t jsonized is that it has been ignored for years. Frankly I don’t even care if you break defence mode while you’re working on it, it’s basically broken and unusable right now.

I created a defence game before and never loaded it up again. I came back a week later and my normal game world was broken. Bubble wrap (bought it in defence mode) was spawning in a 10-tile box around my player wherever he walked. No idea how, why, or when that was caused.