Monster spotted! Stop posting?

When you receive a prompt to stop an action like reading or crafting due to a monster sighting, it’d be nice for it to tell you what monster is making you so nervous.
Bear spotted! Stop crafting?
And so fourth…

I thought it was made to be that way for a surprise, like you ignoring it then it was a hulk but since you ignored it…

I support this idea. It would make a difference if you’re crafting something next to a window, and then a monster that can smash it comes by, like a zombie, and it says You spotted a zombie! It would come in useful so you’d know if you had to move from the window.

+1 support. By definition, spotting something means that you have some vague idea what it is. Either change the text to "Saw movement! Stop crafting?"and be interrupted every time a rabbit hops by, have some specifics like “Spotted Bear, spotted Zombie, spotted Fungaloid, etc.”, with some description, or go with “Spotted Zombie!” “Spotted Hulk!” “Spotted Grabber Zombie!”, etc. and have it give you specifics.

Yeah, I don’t worry about fungaloids if my fortress is closed up with windows as they can’t bash them.



Likewise support. Even if my ‘spotting’ of a monster was mostly sound-based, I know damn well what a zombie sounds like compared to animals. If i’ve seen it, I know what it is already. Making me poke about with the x function just to confirm what I ‘already know’ ingame seems a little redundant in this instance.


I support this. Would definitely be convenient to know what exactly is disturbing my marathon reading sessions.