Monster Mash! (Vehicle Zombie smashing question)

  1. When you run over Zombies does that kill/pulp the corpse?
  2. If you say plow through about 30 or zombies, does the horde follow you back to your base or do they reach a certain point and just mill around looking for something to smash?
  3. Do Tank drones ignore soldier zombies?

Story time below:
So the nearest large city to me is massively populated with Zombies and I haven’t quite figured out which house to burn down to get rid of them. Mostly I’m afraid to burn down the entire city, but I haven’t been able to loot any of the houses and I’m loathe to lose valuable loot. Currently I have 2 vehicles and possibly an APC if I can repair the engine and other parts. So I’ve been looking for something with “lift” capability. After heading north, I discovered a motel/ hotel with a tourist map and a survivor map. I read the survivor map and discovered the closest gas station is south of the river near my base.

After several attempts to swim the river I finally succeeded and made a beeline for the gas station. Along the way I discovered and fought various monsters, but longbow and arrows FTW. The Gas Station, alas, was a bit of a bust because it was literally just a bunch of pumps… but to my surprise I discovered several vehicles–one of which was an RV with a working minifridge! It has “enough” wheels and battery, but not much in the way of gas. After foraging and scavenging, I came across a body-site with scientists and all sorts of other nice loot. In another car I found a bottle jack.

There is no way back across the river with all my new found loot. (I found out you basically can’t have anything on to swim rivers) In a lone cabin, I disassembled a ridge, took the rubber hose and I siphoned some gas. I managed to get enough gas to fill the tank about 30%. On the way back I just happened to stop to fight a spitter zombie near a drug body site. (Yet another massive score. Yay drugs!). I saw an APC up ahead, so I decided to walk instead of drive and HOLY CRAP THATS A BEAGLE TANK CHASING ME!!

I end up running away from this stupid tank drone for a long long time… almost all the way back to the gas station before I manage to lose it. Maybe it stopped to fight a greck or solider zombie or a meego I had been avoiding… no idea. I managed to get back to the RV, get around the road block and cross the bridge… into the city center. This is where everything went south… fast.

Initially I tried to avoid the zombie hordes, but they were so thick and coming towards me I just started plowing through them to escape. I managed to bob and weave through the city and not hit any other cars, but it was real close. I fled north along the road towards a spot with a meego, zombie horde in hot pursuit. I sped up to 30 mph, but was worried I’d smash into something after I zoomed across my screen and slowed down when i hit this small area of houses I’d previously cleared and set up a raid base. My real base is much further south along a windy road, so I made sure to stick to the road and drive back to the base.

My new RV is beat all to hell. A lesser RV would have probably been destroyed in the city, BUT, the minifridge still works and the battery is charged to 100%. I just need to re-outfit this bad boy.

Anyway, that got me wondering… what happened to all the zombies I plowed through? Do they get pulped as the vehicle runs them over? I had planned to get another car from the Mall parking lot and turn it into a Ramming-mobile, but I’m wondering if that will properly kill the massive hordes. Should I attempt to lure the Beagle Tank drone into town and let it kill the zombies for me? Will it kill the zombies?

~ D. Jenkins

  1. Usually you won’t get pulped corpses by running over zombies. If you ram them at very high speed I think you can vaporize them leaving no corpse behind, but trying that has an equal chance of vaporizing your car so I wouldn’t recommend it.

  2. If you have wandering hordes enabled they likely will follow you back to your base. Otherwise they will freeze in place the moment they end up outside your reality bubble.

  3. Tank drones kill anything they deem as an enemy, including all zombies, any humans regardless of profession and many other things.

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There’s a certain amount of wander in the horde movement, so it’s usually the latter. On my static base games I tend to use an L-shaped path when heading back to base, as that seems to get them to head off vaguely in the direction of the base of the L, sending them off in the wrong direction.
Some of them will still show up, but mostly a handful who wandered in the right direction to pick up my scent trail or just coincidentally hit my base.

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Thanks guys. I’ll have to figure out how to kill these wandering hordes with pit traps or something. I burned down the mall last night by mistake. I had to save scum and then get a large fire extinguisher to put it out. I didn’t realize the concrete would burn in addition to the wooden benches I set on fire.