Monster Brainstorming

I didn’t see any dedicated monster brainstorming posts that were in-date so here’s this. Let me get started with a few end-game-ish ideas.

The Crimson/Broiling/Blood God. (I’m not so good with naming)

Kilometer tall behemoth of flesh and blob, insides superheated to the point of boiling and raising the temperature of it’s immediate area well above live-able. As well as boiling rain that falls around it constantly. Could have some variants with acidic blood or Mycus spores? Would be simply unkillable by the player with the only reaction possible being escape. It would be very fast being that each and every step it takes are hundreds of meters. Would spawn other enemies from itself such as flesh-raptors (which in lore would be there to retrieve biomass to give to the colossal thing to feed it’s continued existence)

Ruby Deep: A horrifying amalgamation of oceanic life. Oceanic life, and unlife, will ALWAYS be capable of sustaining far, far larger bodies than that of terrestrial beings. Such that this cataclysm in and of itself dwarfs the Crimson God and causes a far greater meteorological phenomenon, The oceans around it boil red from the immense internal temperatures of the unknowable mass of flesh and carnage. (for you’d die long before you ever came close enough to witness it first hand) The constant broiling of the ocean would create a vortex centered on the beast. The vortex would pull everything within the ocean towards the monster and the constant flow of superheated air and water vapor into the sky would create a permanent tropical storm. (I don’t think living on the beach or, by god, an Island is such a good idea anymore.)

The blank(again not good with names) mobile factory. A massive machine god of war that produces mini-tanks, chicken walkers, and other war machines at a dizzying speed. The mechanical nightmare itself capable of lobbing artillery shells, laser salvos, and if you’re truly unlucky (you were actually able to damage it) nuclear warheads at you. This machine would have been Humanities guardian, a staunch protector at the end of days. But alas, the few people who were capable of controlling it have all perished due to one circumstance or another and you are not entirely human anymore. As such, you must be purged.

Here’s my three end game style enemies that could; be how you died.

Other ideas:

Grappler Hulk, because, pain is love. Can grapple you from 3 squares away or so, farther than regular grappler at least.

Behemoths. Just Juiced up Hulks, as if that was something we wanted to deal with. Probably doubly as strong and enduring as hulks.

Stag Migo. Enormous, heavily armored Migo biologically designed to decimate enemies with it’s mass and chitin by charging into them.

Ant man. Someone, somewhere made a horrible mistake when they injected human dna into giant mutated ants. These are smart, use weapons, construct armor to throw on top of their already intimidating chitin, and, are highly aggressive. They will expand rapidly and decimate local wildlife leaving only trees and mutated aphids behind them (Mutated Aphids the size of cows that produce buckets of sugary sap)

Some monster buffs, the devourer is a LOT weaker than I ever expected it to be. Jabberwock should get a pretty hard buff as well, it should terrify you to get the jabberwock quest, not hinder you.

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Some ideas too fill out the rooster:

Add variants of zombie animals that don’t have the same gimmics as normal humanoid zombies too refelect the blob taking advantage of their different anatiomy:

Flattener: Has the proportions of a cow but is so muscular that it’s skin tearing. Has a crown of massive jagged spikes on it’s head. Think hulk but much faster (humans can’t outrun it but most animals can), has a special charge ability (no smash), more health and does cut damage. This would be the hulk version of any creature that has anthlers/horns and walks on four legs. The reason being that a survivor can’t remotely tell what it originaly was and too prevent a wildgrowth of giving every creature it’s own zombie variants.

Foaming zombie: Basically zombies with rabies. Has multiple varients, very rare, all are weaker in almost every regart compared too normal varients, very slowly takes damage over time and will despawn at some point. Zombies of certain variaties have a very small chance of turning into these. If it bite you you will 100% of the time get rabies and it also has a much smaller chance of infecting you if it scrated you. Hope you have some rabies vaccine or rabies immune globulin lying around. Maybe there should be a small chance too get rabies from normal animal bites too.

Pragnant zombies: What happens when the blob get their hands on a developing embryo. I’m sure it just continues growing/(fusing) but I’m sure someone can think of something horrifying too burst out of this one. :slight_smile:

Second gen zombies: Not just individuals mutated by the blob influence but multiple bodies fused and twisted too horrifying new creatures (might not revive if killed though).

Magget zombies: A zombie got colonized by gaint mutant maggot’s before it revived. Now these are living inside of it and slowly devouring it’s flesh. It’s regeneration is keeping pace for now but as the maggots grow and consume ever more flesh it is only a matter of time before it is consumed whole.

King of the forest: Basically mutated bears the size of a elephant from the metro series. Are very slow but high health, high damage, AP damage and should be able too tear a small horde of even evolved zombies apart.

Razorback: Replacement for skeletal dog and bear. This thing has grown a coat of seraded teeth covering it. This gives it less protection than normal bone would but does preserve movement better, provides it with more cutting damage and the ability too shoot some of it’s teeth as a weak projectile.

Jagged horror: Evolved version of the razorback. It is covered in a monsterous overgrowth of teeth with many being little more than jagged spines that jut out from it and will cut you if you attack it from close by. The armour is less protective than a skeletal juggernaut but also restrictes movement less.


Enameled Juggernauts, just skeletal juggernauts but they’re now coated in enamel making them take a little bit less damage than normal,+1-2 defense against each dmg type.

Bounder, Evolved zombie type with hypertrophied leg muscles, EXTREMELY fast and capable of jumping up walls two stories high.

Enemy buff, zombies can now climb on top of each other to reach rooftops.

Blob buff, make blobs nearly immune to almost any damage except fire.

Goop Hound, this creature is 80% blob with only skeleton and muscle left underneath.

@Role_Player I think the towering unstoppable nigh-invincible gods you first suggested would be better in a separate mod than mainline. Currently, only radiation can make an area truly uninhabitable. Mi-Gos still die to bullets, zombie hordes can be chipped away at, and even the Mycus can be burned back with time and dedication. I made a comment on the subreddit a while ago replying to a post that wanted to shift CDDA’s setting to a “dying world”, to which I proposed instead a “deadly world full of zones where you die”. To sum it up, I think large scale environmental hazards are an unexplored mod-worthy addition to CDDA that would serve to fundamentally change how you play the game.

(comments on some of the suggested ideas):

  • Grappler Hulk: What if it moved at a reduced speed on open terrain, but had a 50 move-point “leap” that throws itself forward four tiles when within two tiles of a tile with 70% coverage or more and throws what it grabbed backwards if it is not secured to the floor. I’m imagining a beefy armed abomination somewhere between Spiderman and a gorilla swinging through the concrete & plant-based jungles. Note: still has the 3-tile grab.
  • Stag Migo: With developments on AI patrols, Stags could serve as a durable first line of defense for Mi-Gos doing “research” inside their towers. Mi-Go themselves are well suited for smaller targets, but the Stags have the brute strength and durability to deal with larger opponents, like cars. The charge attack could be jury-rigged by triggering the Zombie Hulk’s smash attach on every tile that passes directly in front of it. A loud roar before the charge would be a good warning sign to prepare to move.
  • Ant man: This reminded me of DCSS’ Formicids. I’m imagining them as an expansionist NPC faction with small dirt structures above ground and intricate tunnels underneath sprawling out from a hole in the center of their village. Rather then just being highly aggressive, what if they were instead extremely territorial, willing to negotiate and trade at the edge of their above-ground structures, and just as willing to repurpose you for landfill if you take a step too far. Once the Arthropod Redesign finishes coding bees to be able to send swarms to establish new hives, it would be interesting if Formicids sent groups out to build new aphid pastures and tunnel systems. This faction would be much like a new born humanity. Few in numbers (exist because an isolated experiment), relatively weak compared to many horrors of the new world, and heavily reliant on constructed tools and structures. What if some of them rode their unevolved brethren?
  • ‘Pragnant zombies’: This sounds a lot like pupating zombies, which burst and spawn flesh raptors. Not sure how to expand on the pregnant aspect unless you want to enter fetus flail territory.
  • Second gen zombies: Like Jabberwocks and dissoluted devourers. I agree that there’s room to add more monsters of this specific type.
  • zombie_ramp: This is a great idea that has been discussed here, but not yet implemented.
  • blob_buff: Unless they are given an extreme damage vulnerability to fire, I don’t think we have nearly enough sources of fire damage to take on the numbers that blobs are usually found in.

(my monster idea from here)

  • Storm Heralds: From within the largest Wandering Hordes comes Storm Heralds. When faced with a threat to the horde they burst, creating a temporary portal that lets the evolved armies of The Blob’s previous conquests join the invasion. If they are killed before they can trigger, they cause an explosion that shreds the horde around them and create a short lived portal to the Netherworld, summoning creatures that cripple the horde even further.

I would like more mechanical enemies

Speak of DCSS If Only we could have player Ghosts everybody love those

if u do magiclysm it adds a few mechanical enemies such as forge workers and golems (do those count) and im not sure if these are base game but theres mechs

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I think it would be cool if a hostile terrain type could be created when a certain number of zombie corpses/viscera deteriorate in close proximity to each other. Kind of like the creeper from the movie Aliens but sentient. The gore from the corpses fuse with each other and the ground to create a slow moving area of zombie flesh. Could be called a graveyard.

Zombie taskmasters would be cool. Give an intelligence/senses buff to zombies under it’s control, causes a lengthy mass stun to those under it’s power if it is killed.

I meant more like robots KR Caroline humanoid robot designed to be the ultimate Shock Trooper are something like that but also SteelAngel a big drone that looks like it has Wings of Steel with propulsion engines it carries Gatling Rocket launcher ( Ok Maybe not that) flame flowers are a good substitute it’s not really that aggressive The Player gets a warning if getting too close and if they back away it leave them Alone

Maybe tribes of fish people, similar to those in lovecraft. But play them off as more of a town of people who were specificaly affected by the blob and turned into a town of fish people.

I ain’t the story of how you died, I’m the story of how they died. A doppelganger that would create a hostile NPC that copies your character would be a neat concept, as well as a counter to characters to become the mr.hyperkill and can tear a man in half.

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