Mods vs Crossbow

Now, I’m not a firearms (or crossbow) person; so maybe there’s some critical difference I’m failing to understand here, but:

  • The forward grip supposedly works on crossbows; it takes an “underbarrel slot”
  • Crossbows (Normal, plain crossbows) don’t have an underbarrel slot. They have an “underbarrel mount” slot.

This sounds to my uninitiated backside like it should maybe be the same slot?

As far i know, foward grip only gives +handling, and that reduces recoil. Crossbows have 0 recoil (unrealistic, should be changed), so foward grip wont help at all while increasing weight and volume of weapon, wchich may cause aimtime to be longer.

Many plain weapontypes dont have modslots by default, but someone with enough skill can make special items that add slots to such crude weapons. Theese items attach to “mount” slots, and then they give the real slots.

Unrealistic? Perhaps. The 9-space (or whatever) range limitation, which I presume is for weapon balance, is also quite unrealistic.