Mods overwriting regional settings

So, I decided to dig into things today to find out why home improvement stores, jewelery stores, and other neat new buildings I’ve seen in the mapgen json folder weren’t showing up in game. In the process I’ve discovered that a couple mods overwrite the regional_map_settings.json. The Dino mod and the Animatronics mod in particular. Each looks like they overwrite the regional settings to add a specific building associated with that mod. However, their settings haven’t been updated to include additions that have been made to the ‘master’ regional settings since then.

Is this something that has been generally known about?

I suppose a quick fix could be updating the mods regional settings to include the new content. That would probably become out of date soon though. And it wouldn’t allow more that a single mod to add content. I’m thinking something to allow a mod to inject new shop types into the settings without having to overwrite the entire regional settings file.

Any ideas, comments?