Modding tools and guides

It isnt about the game, but the website itself. I think the “modding tools and guides” tab could use a bit of love. the getting started guide only points to a 404 page on github and catamodder is badly out of date, making it incompatable with current versions and no longer a viable tool. The guide on using github is still good though. Is there something we can do to make the modding tools and guides tab on the homepage a bit more… useful?

it might be cool to build in a JSON editor with the game release, even the game itself, and to include modding instructions in the in game help menu.
the git stuff might be too much for that XD
I can see advantages to including an editor in the game package, in that it might be easier to keep up to date by using the same functions for interpereting JSON files as the base game does(lit. the same ones, not identical copies). That would keep the tool up to date

regardless of that, some well written and version-dated guides may be useful