Mod request - Book Learning limited by int

A request for a mod that makes it so that the maximum skill level you can get from books is half your int while reading, rounded down.

So, if you have 6 int, you can’t gain exp for reading a book if your skill is 3 or greater, but if you have 20 then you can go up to 10.

You can still, of course, gain exp by doing the skill normally and leveling it up. You just can’t sit down in a hellfortress reading books till you’re level 10 in everything unless you’re also sitting on a pile of mutagens and meth.

That’s a skill rust option I believe, where skill is capped by int. I’m not sure, I don’t use skill rust.

Skill Rust capped by int makes it so that depending on your int, your experience percentage between levels drops if the skill is neglected.

I already use Int Cap, which allows for skill degredation but caps it at the same number as your intelligence.

This has nothing to do, however, with preventing exp gain from books at equal to or higher than half your int.