Uh here’s a bunch of misc questions and feel free to post any question you may want to know.

I found a building in a forest and it doesn’t appear on the map? Its like a combination of the mansion and a cabin. Does it have a name or wiki link or something? (bout the size of a cabin but with colums and stuff)

Also I found a female ninja squad of NPCS they had not appeared on my map and one had an assault rifle another a combat knife and the last one I think had some traps and things so what’s up with that? (I couldn’t trade with them I had the deformed trait and they were fleeing)

Finally how do you boil acid water? I have a lot of funnels and containers and I want to make acid bombs if its possible.

Please note this is all in 0.9 (experimental)

The hidden cabin is a “special” forest tile, it’s supposed to be hidden.

Sometimes several NPCs will overlay ontop of one another while traveling to turn into one @ but when you get closer you quickly find out there’s a lot more than one.

If I remember right it requires a heat element (EG A fire, a working kitchen unit, a hotplate, etc) an empty container, and two other stages… Though I can’t remember too well.

Cabin - TY

NPC - there wasn’t ANY npc near me I was chasing one but she dissipeared on the map then I ran into them later

Acid boiling - TYish

Well, I mean you could hvae posted this in the “Tips and tricks” thread but nooo…

NPCs are currently buggy as hell and most people play with them off for that reason.

Concentrated acid is under chems in the crafting menu, its difficulty 4 based around cooking skill, you need a heat source, pot/pan and some acid collected from acid rain/drizzle.