Minimap goes black when alt+tab

I don’t think this is a bug, maybe someone already know the solution, but my minimap disappears when I’m on fullscreen or windowed borderless mode and I Alt+Tab back in the game.
Doesn’t happen in the other two modes.

Can’t reproduce.
Tested in build 2021-08-05-1036 on Windows 7 64-bit.
Neither fullscreen nor windowed borderless mode (including after the necessary restarts) hid the minimap.

Please always provide with such reports:

  • Game version
  • Your operating system

It’s possible that it got fixed at some point or is a new bug introduced later.

Also, check your keybindings, the default for switching the minimap on/off is Shift+N; it’s possible that you’ve rebound it to Alt+Tab.
Not sure why it doesn’t happen when you’re in one of the other modes, (unless you just click outside the window instead of Alt+Tab)…

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I’m sorry I didn’t give more information. I thought it was something already known.
It has been happening to me since a long time ago. I always update the game (via launcher) every time I play. Now I tested in build 2021-08-16-1305 on Windows 10 64-bit.
It’s not that I’m switching off the minimap, it’s still there, the log doesn’t expand and you can still see the animals dots.
And when that happens, if I change to any other mode in the options menu (even without restarting the game) it reappears.

Oh, so it just goes black (based on your screenshots)?
Under “disappears” I had to imagine it’s gone completely.

As for a fix, I can’t check right now, but it’s possible that one of these things “fixes” it (prevent it from happening in the first place):

  • Setting the “redraw” mode (I’ve forgot what it’s called) to always redraw.
  • Changing the graphic renderer.
  • Changing the minimap style.

You also stated you’re using the third party launcher and from what I see a unofficial tileset too. While these things should not have any influence on it, they might do.

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Sorry for my english.

With UltiCa and NeoDays also happens but…

…changing the renderer to “direct3d11” solve it (it was on “direct3d”)!

Thank you, Valase! Always helping everyone and quickly.