Mini-Game programming

I want to make a mod that allows me to program new minigames for the ‘game watch’ and ‘handheld game system’ objects that now have minigane functionality in the latest unstable version of the game. Is that possible?

If so, would it also be possible to make cartridge objects that you can ‘fill’ the game systems with and toggle wither or not certain games can be played based on what cartridge you have in it? Essentially making a bit of a collecting quest of minigames.

that would be really cool but can you make the mod or would you like someone else to make it?

Both are possible, but both would require source code changes and not just jsons and lua.

You can add new games that output to a curses window already, look at the src/iuse_bla.cpp files, they’re written in c++ like the rest of the game.
In principle we could easily add a harness that allows minigames written i lua, but I’d want someone to at least start on a game before messing with a harness, we alreafy have tons of lua infrastructure we don’t use.