Military locations?

Hey. Maybe this is a noob question, but searching the forum and the repository did not help me. I’m looking for the files that determine the loot in locations like the military camp and the military bunker and the likes? I’ve found the item groups, obviously, but I can not find a mapgen file that assigns things to the military locations. If anyone could tell me which files they are (even if they’re in the exe file and need to be changed there), I’d very much appreciate it.

there should be some .jsons or something in the map gen files I think… I’ve not messed around with any of that so I can’t say for certain, but a good place to start. Decent coding programs should have a search code function of some sort, “military” should get you close. I think…

Unfortunately, there are no files in mapgen that contain either military locations, or stuff like the police stations and prisons. I don’t know where they are, but they’re not in mapgen.

Bunker and outpost are currently hardcoded in mapgen.cpp

Ah… is that planned to change? Like, are the mapgen json files ‘new’ and the mapgen.ccp the ‘old’ way, but things aren’t fully switched over yet?

A lot of the locations that were hardcoded have been pulled out. I don’t think it is planned for it to change, but there’s a good chance somebody will pick it up again at some point.